Two more months to go...

I have three does confirmed pregnant with blood tests.  I've been testing for preg/CL/CAE/Johnes(spot tests) as I go, so by time I have everyone tested for pregnancy, I should have complete disease testing too.  

I've been up in the air about when to breed my younger does and I finally decided to just wait until Fall 2020 to start them going.  I really have no good reason to be in a hurry for these girls.  So Galactica, Bianca and Eowyn will have to wait a while to be mommas.

Kidding season starts around March 20th, and I plan to have a booth at the Spokane Pet Expo the first weekend in April, so I'll have kids to show off just in time.

This breeding season I started paring down on bucks, in preparation for AI this fall.  I should be getting down to just 3 bucks, Celeborn, Wizard and Klondike.  I'll probably be ready to move Klondike along after the 2020/2021 breeding season.  Celeborn and Wizard will stay on for a while, for limited buck service engagements.  If anyone would like Klondike after I have confirmed breedings from him this Fall, let me know!