Catching up

So I've been planning breedings for this coming fall, getting ready, but first updates since my last post, not like anyone reads

- Had some sad losses, Mysti passed in the snow, I believe it was trauma, punctured lung.  She was such a sweetie!  So petite and polite :(  I also lost the doeling I let Firelily dam raise.  She had a deposit on her too, we had a hiccup at the vet while waiting for her CVI so she was here longer than she should have been, wonder what would have been if the vet didn't lose the blood sample...

- Moon has been the only doe that is so obvious when she is in labor, and I got her due date spot on, so I was there watching when she started.  I helped deliver triplets for her(yay, no singles), two bucks and a doe, all golds.  The yellow gold buckling was bottled and sold as a pet and I kept the cream moonspotted polled buck to replace his sire(Kai) and I thought about selling the moonspotted polled doeing, but decided to keep her around.  She is wild as all get out!

- I sold several adult does in favor of new ones and three retained doelings.  Bella, Holly, Firelily, Maia and Atreyu moved on to new pastures.  Walker and Buddy found new homes and I was able to sell all kids not retained.  Yay!

- I added a new genetic experiment for getting a better handle on how "red" buckskins manifest, so I brought in new stock help out with that.  Winiata is a blue eyed red buckskin with a 9*M pholia dam.  Looking forward to getting her on test to get her 10*M.  And she is tiny!  She is also spunky, she regularly leads the herd in a wild romp around the pen.  I'm temped to get her some 80s legwarmers so she can lead a jazzercise class.

- Bianca and Wizard are blue eyed red buckskins too.  Counting a too late job of disbudding on Lunabelle, Bianca is my second goat with horns, so that is new for me.

- May Bell is new too, and I believe in the absence of Holly, she is my new herd queen.  She is also the only grandma in the group, as she is Mirabelle's dam and granddam to Lunabelle.  May Bell is the daughter of a top ten milker, so super keen to get her on test too.

- I have a short list of three more does I'm wanting to bring into the herd, but I told myself no more until I have all my hay in the for the winter!!!

- Kai Moon, Lunar Outlaw and Moonlight HZ are off the buck list but still in the pen and have been moved to the reference list.  I'm planning on using Lunar Outlaw for Moon, just for sentimental reasons, but other than that, I don't have plans for these three guys.  I'm still mulling over just keeping them for buck service or lending them out on long term leases or just out right selling them.  A part of me doesn't like selling adults without an LA score...