Wave 2 is done, Wave 3 comes May 3rd!

Galactica, Persephone, Caprica, Mithril Moon, Empress Moon, Fantasia Haze, Buddy Jr.

So kidding season started early for me, 10/25 thru 11/4 with 5 doelings out of Bella, Maia and first freshener Mirabelle.  Out of that group, all are sold except Mirabelle's doeling, Lunabelle, who is being retained(my first retained kid!!).

Wave 2 just finished with Blue Cherub first follow closely by Fire Lily on 2/4.  Blue did fine with twins last year, but she just didn't seem to have enough room for the triplets this time.  One buckling stillborn, a smaller buckling and a larger doeling.  The live buckling had a hard time of it and I pulled him to bottle at 1 week.  He is Buddy Jr., after his sire, and he is Gavin's buddy too.

Firelily had triplet doelings, which was a blessing over the quads(one stillborn) she had last time.  All of the girls were doing well, but I think Fire Lily has that personality quirk where she doesn't want more than two kids and rejects the third.  It happened last time and I didn't catch it soon enough.  I grabbed the rejected doeling AND the doeling I'm retaining out of her to bottle.  So Blue and Fire Lily are both in the moms/babies pen with one doeling each.  The little girls are fat and sassy and love hanging out with each other.

Back at my house, Buddy, Ariel(rejected doeling) and Galactica(retained) are fast friends who love running up and down the stairs and keep the cats on their toes for sure.

Atreyu finished off the wave on 2/18 with two more doelings.  This was my first polled to polled breeding and they both look horned!!  The biggest doeling is a dark dusty brown and her smaller sister is a reddish brown chamoisee.

Wave 3 will be more stretched out.  Moon is bred, no blood test needed, she is huge and only half way through.  Holly was bred but seemed to cycle again/bred again, so who knows!  Mysti has been in with a visiting buck for over a month, so I'm hoping it took.  Mac is a blue eyed Chocolate/cream buckskin, and he is pretty big, so I'm hoping he will bring a tiny bit of height to petite Mysti.  Fingers crosses for blue eyes/chocolate/polled!