Kidding Season starts early for me!

Maia x Flash kids

So back when I was moving goats around and getting everyone situated, I had one buck who figured out he could clear my fences easy peasy.  Add a frisky doe in heat and I walk in to one happy buck hanging out in a pile of girls.  Five months later, I have three gals for sure ready to pop and I think I need to blood test one more gal(she might just be fat).  Maia, aka frisky doe, dropped a couple of adorable doelings on Thursday.  "Mr. Happy Buck" is polled with blue eyes and black coat type.  He passed on blue eyes to both girls and it looks like they are both black coat types too, so no swiss marked babies:(  Next up is probably Bella, who I sequestered in a covered pen with the jumpy buck until I could get the fence situation under control.  I'm hoping to get a black doeling with blue eyes and wattles out of this pairing.  Bella is not happy to be separated in a kidding pen.  After that, I have Mirabelle, confirmed pregnant with a blood test, but no idea on due date really.  Should be soon!