New Website!

Hiya!  Welcome to Gavella Goats!  My wonderful husband made this awesome website for me.  He tolerates my goat habit, and he even found one guy that is his favorite(Kai).  Its still a work in progress, but its done enough to go live.  I've also got a public Facebook account, Gavella Goats.  I'm not really taking reservations on kids just yet, but I will list them for sale here, on craigslist and Spokane goat groups.

I never did 4-H as a kid, we always had horses and I didn't like them much.  I was bucked off, stepped on, and run away with so many times, I just never saw myself owning any animal bigger than a cat. Turns out I needed livestock small enough to handle or carry around when necessary.  My journey to goats was mostly kicked off because I realized that I was too far removed from the old skills most rural people had in getting their own food to their own plate. I'm not really there yet, but I hope to be able to milk enough this year to move up to cheese making!

Right now I'm in the middle of breeding my girls so the guys can get ready for buck service season.  The most of the goats are located in the Athol ID area, but I've taken my boys to the Tri-Cities to Deer Park to Bonner's Ferry and down to Saint Maries.  That's a pretty big area!  I'm a recovering buck hoarder, so I have some boys for sale and they are also available for service.

Anyway, thanks for looking!  I'm looking forward to participating in more shows next year.  Hopefully I'll be ready to go on Milk Test this winter too!