Goat Events Upcoming

Man, I love hobnobbing with my goat peoples!  In any social group/competition there will be people who don't get along, but I gotta say, I haven't found it yet!  I love going to shows or goat events to meet the other crazy goat lovers.  I just got back from the Spokane Fair and I'm just dying to participate next year.  So here's the events I hope to/want to attend in the coming months.

Goat AI Clinic - October 12-13 in Moscow Idaho(email bucknakedfarms@gmail.com for info)

Wine Country Classic Goat Show - June-ish 2019  http://winecountrygoatclub.wixsite.com/wcgc/annual-show

NEWDGA puts on two shows, one in June and one at the Spokane Fair - http://newdga.weebly.com/

Goat Academy in Moscow, ID - https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoatAcademyIdaho/