I have three does confirmed pregnant with blood tests.  I've been testing for preg/CL/CAE/Johnes(spot tests) as I go, so by time I have everyone tested for pregnancy, I should have complete disease testing too.  

January 22, 2020

Tried out a new item two weeks ago.  In preparation for next year's AI breedings, I'm trying out CIDRs prior to a live breeding.  I wanted later kiddings this year, and I wanted to start with a buck who is very popular for buck service, so I need to thread a needle on heats.  I remove the CIDRs o

October 26, 2019

As Fall approaches, I find myself having mini-panic attacks.  Two winters ago here in North Idaho, the real bad weather hit us in January, but  February 2019 was brutal.  And I had bred for February kiddings!  It was tough, but we made it through.  However, it was my first year with frostbite on

August 29, 2019

So I've been planning breedings for this coming fall, getting ready, but first updates since my last post, not like anyone reads

August 29, 2019

So kidding season started early for me, 10/25 thru 11/4 with 5 doelings out of Bella, Maia and first freshener Mirabelle.  Out of that group, all are sold except Mirabelle's doeling, Lunabelle, who is being retained(my first retained kid!!).

February 21, 2019

Man, just too cold out there!  As per the "doe code" Blue Cherub decided to wait until below freezing temps to kid.  A doe and buck for her.  A couple hours later, Fire Lily thought "hey, I think I'll go too!"  So three more does from her.  Five kids in one day, with another doe due next week and

February 5, 2019

So back when I was moving goats around and getting everyone situated, I had one buck who figured out he could clear my fences easy peasy.  Add a frisky doe in heat and I walk in to one happy buck hanging out in a pile of girls.  Five months later, I have three gals for sure ready to pop and I thi

October 29, 2018

Man, I love hobnobbing with my goat peoples!  In any social group/competition there will be people who don't get along, but I gotta say, I haven't found it yet!  I love going to shows or goat events to meet the other crazy goat lovers.  I just got back from the Spokane Fair and I'm just dying to

September 17, 2018

When I first got goats, I knew I wanted to have a registered herd, however, I didn't trust myself as a goat mom and I had never raised any kind of livestock myself.  I was worried that I would find that raising goats was not for me, so I didn't want to get really expensive registered does only to

September 17, 2018

Hiya!  Welcome to Gavella Goats!  My wonderful husband made this awesome website for me.  He tolerates my goat habit, and he even found one guy that is his favorite(Kai).  Its still a work in progress, but its done enough to go live.  I've also got a public Facebook account, Gavella Goats.  I'm n

September 17, 2018