Dairy *Meadows MM Mystic Moon

Barn Name
Date of Birth
LA Score
79 +++A (2017)
Coat Type
Eye Color

Update: Poor sweet Mysti!  I found her lifeless in the snow 3/5/2019.  My best guess is that she was a victim of trauma at the hands of another doe, having been reintroduced to the herd after being with a borrowed buck for a month.  She was so dainty and I had hoped she was bred.  Such a lovely disposition, I never got to retain a Gavella kid from her :(  She will live on in the herd through her son, Kai.

Mysti is a sweetheart.  Loves the pets and attention.  Not thrilled with the milking stand, as she has pretty small teats.  She is a delicate thing and she is the dam of Kai Moon, my smallest buck.  She kidded triplets February 2018, but I pulled the doeling to bottle baby, since she was the runt the two bucklings muscled her out.  Mysti is polled and she gets her polled gene from Piddin' Acres Dark Victory.  She will be bred to Frosted Pines Lunar Outlaw for February 2019 kids.


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