Shire Farm Mithril Moon

Barn Name
Date of Birth
LA Score
84 +VV+ (June 2019)
Coat Type
Eye Color
Special Features
Moon Spots

This is one of my forever girls(shhhh, don't tell the others).  I almost missed out on her.  She and her sister were available, but someone else reserved her before I saw the listing.  So I went ahead and asked to have her sister.  But the other buyer backed out and I got to switch my reservation to moon!  I wanted to have a line of goats with a LOTR naming theme, and I figured considering the herdname, she was perfect. 

Moon kidded one buckling in June 2018, I finally got to assist with a birthing(everyone else managed without me).  She let me assist again May 2019 with triplets, two with moonspots finally!  I almost missed her third kidding, she had two wet bucklings and I KNEW she had more in there.  I bumped her and it was a good learning experience to feel how a kid left inside felt.  I must have irritated her enough that she finally got down to business and popped out the last buckling.

Her fourth kidding really increased her milk capacity.  Quads, 2 bucklings/2doelings, one of each retained.  I wasn't milking her, I figured she had enough on her plate to raise quads, but I did milk to relieve every time I removed a kid and to my surprise, she milked almost 6.5 lbs in a day!  She even held back on me, I think I could have gotten her to 7lbs.  Her udder isn't much for structure, but holy cow it has room for lots and lots of milk!