Mistwood PC May Bell

Barn Name
May Bell
Date of Birth
Coat Type
Eye Color

OUT ON LEASE - Will remain in reference until she is back in the herd

I'm such a goat stalker.  When I decided to make another run at raising goats, I put in a reservation on a doeling out of May Bell.  Turns out I didn't have my ducks in a row and when May Bell kidded, I had to pass on Mirabelle and Cristabella.  Well, I guess that didn't sit well with me, because I tracked down Mirabelle.  May Bell is a daughter of Mustang Creek Jingle Bells, a top ten elite ADGA doe, and I kept watching ADGA to see if I could figure out who purchased May Bell.  I wanted to get a milk star on Mirabelle someday and really wanted to connect that back to Jingle Bells.  When I finally found her, her owner was thinking about selling her, which was great timing!  Now I have three generations: May Bell, Mirabelle and Lunabelle.

05/05/20  2 Doelings x Butte Valley Caladbolg