Indian Prairie Maia

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Coat Type
Swiss Marked
Disbudded with Scurs
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Maia is a lover, if I sat in the middle of the pen, she would be in my lap.  I picked her up in Montana, and we had time to bond, as she was riding shotgun.  She ended up with her head in my lap(after peeing on me twice).  But boy is she noisy!  If someone is yelling, its probably Maia :D  She is great on the milking stand, as long as she has grain, she is with the program.

She was also quite the seductress, because she was the doe in heat when Flash figured out he could clear a 4 foot fence.  So now Maia kidded at the end of October, when she really should have waited until spring to have kids again.  Where there's a will, there's a way...

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