DLMG Farms LJ Blue Cherub

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Blue Cherub was a great find.  She is a beautiful carbon copy of her dam.  She has an awesome red chamoisee coat under all that roaning.  Laurie Homer from Diamond L was sweet enough to let me suggest she use "Cherub" in her name, since her dam is Serephin. 

I used to say Blue was one of my forever girls, but letting her retire with her daughter, Simbelmyne is a happy ending I didn't see coming.  Simbelmyne had a leg injury that required an amputation and she is now in a pet home.  Blue had a difficult pregnancy in 2021, two DOA kids a tiny doeling that lasted a week.  I gave her one more chance to kid and two survived, but it was still a tiny doeling that didn't make it.  I decided to let her retire from breeding and keep the surviving doeling.

Kids: Gavella Harlequin, Gavella Rouge Rogue, Gavella Caprica, Gavella Simblemyne

You can visit her breeders website here: http://www.dlmgfarms.com


02/28/18  2 Doelings x Frosted Pines Lunar Outlaw/Phinney Farms Caradhras
02/04/19  2 Bucklings(1 DOA), 1 Doeling x Soaring Hearts M&M Muscovado
08/18/20  1 Buckling, 1 Doeling x Anchors Aweigh CB WalkthePlank
06/05/21  1 Bucklings,2 Doeling(2 DOA, 1 lived a week) x Gavella Celeborn
11/12/22  1 Buckling, 2 Doeling(1 doeling DOA) x Gavella Malcolm