Anchors Aweigh CB WalkThePlank *B

Barn Name
Date of Birth
LA Score
82 +V+ (June 2019)
Coat Type
Eye Color
Special Features

What a lover Walker is!  He wants all the attention, it will be a sad day when I can't hold him in my lap because he's a big ole stinky buck :(  Walker gets his polled line from Flat Rocks Surprise.  I picked him up from his breeder when she passed through town on her way to a show.  Turns out his Sire, Rosasharn PLW Call MeThe Breez is now a finished champion!  Whoohoo!  His Dam is SG with one leg toward her CH too.   Can't wait to see how this little dude improves my herd.

But the coolest thing about little walker is his coat type.  He is a Bezoar, which is a pretty rare coat type in the nigerian world.  His breeder Wendy posted on a Nigerian Colors group when he was born and we all found out he and his dam are the Bezoar coat type.  Awesome!

Visit the website of Walker's breeder, Wendy from